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Why Have A Private Teacher?

Flexibility in location and schedule

You choose where the class is going to take place! It could be at your home, at work, at your club, at a friend's place, or as part of a romantic and luxurious getaway — for example, imagine starting your day with a private yoga and pilates class at beautiful Bay Hill Mansion in Bodega Bay. You're not bound by the schedule of a studio or a gym.

It saves you time

No need to get stressed by driving into town — having to deal with the driving time, traffic, finding a parking spot, or interacting with strangers.

You receive personalized attention

By having your own private teacher, you enjoy the benefits of a practice that fits your unique needs.

How much does it cost?

Because everyone is different, I can work with you to fit your budget and needs
For up to three people, the typical cost is $60
Above three people, the cost is $20 per person plus $10
A package of 4 privates good for up to 4 months is available for $220
Driving time and fuel are extra
Tipping is at your discretion

It doesn't matter how many of you are present

It can be simply yourself, working one-on-one, using hands-on work if this is comfortable to you. Or you can have your entire family participate. You might want to invite your neighbors over!

Also think about...

Setting the atmosphere for a relaxed dinner party by having a short and easy Pilates/Yoga class for your guests in the privacy of your home!

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