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Improve Your Golf Swing with Pilates

          • Condition & tune your dearest piece of equipment — your body-mind.
          • Improve your game, like Tiger & Annika do
          • Gain strength and awareness of your golf muscles.
          • Feel and see the direct correlation between the movements you do in Pilates and your golf swing.
          • Strengthen those same muscles you need to use when you are on the green.
          • Expect a longer ball path distance and a better swing path.
          • Broaden muscle range of motion and rotation. Protect yourself from injury.
Sophie is a certified Mat Pilates Instructor who will give you all the personal attention you have been looking for. As an experienced teacher of  some of the Agilent and Fountaingrove golf team members, she will guide you through her gentle but strong support towards a body which responds better on the green and which you enjoy feeling and seeing. All you need to practice Pilates is focus, commitment, perseverance and a desire to be challenged.
Sophie comes from a strong athletic background, and has been a fitness instructor since the early 2000s. Pilates has enhanced both her Yoga practice and the other sports she practices.

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