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Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is an amazingly effective way to build strength and relieve pain. It addresses the lower back, abs, pelvic muscles, shoulders and neck, arms, gluteals, and thighs.

There are many different muscles that we can use to perform a particular movement. Many of us, however, tend to rely on a small set of superficial muscles over and over, constantly overworking those muscles and underdeveloping deeper muscles. Pilates teaches you simultaneously to strengthen the weaker muscles and relax the chronically tight ones.

With Pilates, you start getting an understanding of your movement and holding patterns. As we get more and more familiar with our muscular body, we get better at isolating particular muscles. Then we can bring back the natural muscular balance in our body, using our muscles more appropriately for either stability or motion.

The moves are relatively easy and even appropriate for people with a limited range of motion. It might not look like very much work during the session but you will definitely feel it!

Because Pilates is such a precise practice, it can be hard to grasp in a class setting. A few private sessions can prepare you to then join a class.

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